Drug Detox in Laredo, TX

When a person is addicted to drugs, the drugs create changes in a person's brain that cause them to become dependent on the substance, both from a physical and mental perspective. When a person stops taking the drug, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. Because the symptoms can vary, drug detox in Laredo can provide medical and mental health support for those ready to quit abusing drugs.

Drug detox for addiction is a medically supervised environment where a person can focus on breaking the hold drugs have on their body and preparing for relapse prevention in Laredo. There are several different approaches to the drug detox process. For addiction to prescription medications, some programs will create a tapering plan for a person so they don't have to go "cold turkey" and experience immediate and significant symptoms.

Other times, there are medications, such as Suboxone and methadone, that a person can take that can help them detox from a particular substance without having to continue to abuse opioids or heroin. A person may also opt to simply stop using a drug altogether. At a drug detox center, they can receive medications to reduce the severity of their withdrawal symptoms. Examples include medicines for nausea and difficulty sleeping.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated With Drug Detox

At a drug detox center, the medical professionals are familiar with the expected withdrawal symptoms a person may go through when detoxing from a particular drug or drugs. They can help a person navigate the most acute symptoms and help them understand the process may be unpleasant, but is normal. Examples of some of the symptoms associated with withdrawing from certain drug include:

Opiate Withdrawals

Opiates include prescription painkillers and heroin. Symptoms associated with withdrawal include agitation, anxiety, runny nose, stomach cramping, nausea, and vomiting. Symptoms can usually start between 12 and 30 hours after last taking a drug.

Marijuana Withdrawals

Symptoms associated with marijuana withdrawals include aggression, depression, sweating, tremors, and stomach pain.

Cocaine Withdrawals

Withdrawing from cocaine addiction in Laredo can cause symptoms that include agitation and restlessness, depression, fatigue, increased appetite, and unpleasant dreams. Sometimes a person can experience strong symptoms of paranoia.

Methamphetamine Withdrawals

Withdrawing from crystal meth can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as sweating, fever, shaking, diarrhea, and vomiting. Methamphetamine abuse can "block" the receptors responsible for pain and withdrawing from taking the drug can cause a person to experience painful symptoms until they have had time to get used to not using methamphetamines.

Drug detox centers offer services to help a person overcome the symptoms associated with withdrawing from drugs. In addition to these symptoms, drug withdrawals can cause significant cravings to return to drug abuse. Through the drug detox process, a person is able to get the help and support they need.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

Sometimes even when a person knows they are addicted to drugs, they may be hesitant to seek medical care for their problem. This can be for many reasons, such as embarrassment or fear of the symptoms associated with withdrawal. However, a person shouldn't fear seeking drug detox in Laredo. This is because inpatient rehab in Laredo can last as short as three days to a week. While the symptoms can be uncomfortable, they are short-lived and can often be minimized as much as possible through a drug detox program.

Another important reasons to enter drug detox in Laredo is because detoxing at home can sometimes be a dangerous undertaking. This is because sometimes a person will start to detox from a substance, then start using drugs again. However, when a person starts using drugs again, their body is already used to having less drugs in their system. The result can be an increased risk for overdose. In addition, a person can sometimes start to experience suicidal thoughts when they start to withdraw from drugs. Having a professional support system can help a person identify potential warning signs for suicide and help the person learn to cope with these feelings as they continue to withdraw.

Drug detox treatment is for a person who is serious about getting sober, but is afraid to do it alone or is unsure where to begin. Through drug detox in Laredo, a person can receive professional support based on evidence-based treatments and medical knowledge. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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